Many creative writers (and their worried parents) wonder, How am I going to make a living doing what I love? I bet very few of them have thought, “I’ll be an in-house writer for a hotel, telling the guests’ stories, the hotel’s stories, and really, writing about whatever strikes my fancy as long as it relates back to the hotel, somehow.” Well, that’s just what Ed Makowski did at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukie.

He got paid $1,000 a month, plus pocket money to buy guests food and drink to smooth the telling of their tales, and he got one hell of an interesting day job to support his art—poetry.

As a journalist/copywriter by weekday, and a weekend warrior of the novelist/short story variety, it fascinates me to read about how other multi-faceted writers strike a balance. Do you know of any other stories like Ed’s? I’d love to hear them.